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GUADEC 2010 in one post

GNOME is people

Ok, sorry. I didn’t blog about GUADEC during the conference, and I didn’t blog about GUADEC after the conference. Shame on me.

I had such a great time and, for the first time in years, I actually attended a number of talks. Yay! I also had to prepare my talk, so I didn’t really have time to blog about the event. After a month, what do I remember about it?

PRE-GUADEC (at home)

Busy. Busy. Busy. Instead of preparing my talk about quality translations (feel free to download the slides and read them, and send me any feedback), I designed the GUADEC badge and the GUADEC booklet.


  • Amsterdam is beautiful. It reminded me of Venice, with its many channels and its bohemian streets, but, rather than being a “museum piece” Amsterdam is a lively city, where cars are much less welcome than bikes.
  • Everybody speaks good English in the Netherlands, even old people.
  • Water is RIDICULOUSLY expensive in The Netherlands. As if there was a draught or something! I paid more for a bottle of water (1.5 L) than I did for a great recipe book which I have already used to prepare delicious Smoothies.
  • The Design Thinking workshop was very fun and interesting. People loved it!
  • Vincent FINALLY gave me the t-shirt he had promised three years ago. It’s fair to say that he was very nice and brought me two t-shirts instead of just one ^^
  • The 1st GNOME Women’s Dinner took place in The Hague. 14 women attended, wow!
  • There were many interesting talks, but it makes no sense to sum it all now because it was so long ago that I won’t remember them. So just visit planet gnome and read old posts; many people wrote about GUADEC 🙂
  • People who attended my talk said that it wasn’t too boring. Plus I got these cute and comfortable slippers for being a speaker, wohoo!
  • Gil and I got THE pants this year!!! :O For helping with the registration desk since GUADEC 2006, they say.  It was a huge surprise for both of us. Thank you very much, Board, we feel VERY honoured, really 🙂
  • Thank you to the organisers and the volunteers for their amazing work. This was one of the best GUADECs I’ve been to:)

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