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GCDS Day… ¿?

Ok, so I should better start blogging about GCDS, or the travel committee will not sponsor me next year, oops!

Well, so the GCDS started a few days ago. It’s been pretty interesting so far. The first two days were busy at the info desk; many more people than we expected showed up the first day, even though there were no talks at all -just the registration.

I went to Richard Stallman’s keynote; it was fascinating (both in a good and in a bad way). I also learned that Banshee will do photos; Aaron, the speaker, said that this will allow F-Spot to become more advanced and professional (“think Adobe Lightroom”, he said). Ehem, I personally doubt it.

Yesterday we went to a party sponsored by Igalia. The place was amazing – there were BIG beds were people could sit (or lay) down and chill out!

Vincent didn’t bring me the OpenSuse t-shirt he promised last year… Ok, the fact that I didn’t send him an e-mail to remind him about it didn’t help.

To be continued… 🙂