GCDS – after hours


Okay, so the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit ended a week ago. I can’t thank enough the Travel Committee people for allowing me to attend the conference once more. It was great, as usual :)

  • I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to some people, sorry about that. See you guys next year ;)
  • Diego, thanks a lot for the chocolates!!! Yum!
  • Was I the only one who missed the GNOME Love/Hate Wall??? Next year I’ll make sure it’s back ;)
  • I enjoyed the GNOME-ES talks I attended.
  • We had dinner with the GNOME Hispano guys. It was fun.
  • I loved the lightning talks. And I also loved the “off-topic” lightning talks (that is, talks about anything not related to GNOME)!
  • One of the local guys, Manolo, was kind enough to guide Gil and me around the island. We discovered that Gran Canaria is beautiful :)

You’ll find some GCDS pictures in the Gallery.

GUADEC, see you next year! 

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