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GUADEC 2010 in one post

GNOME is people

Ok, sorry. I didn’t blog about GUADEC during the conference, and I didn’t blog about GUADEC after the conference. Shame on me.

I had such a great time and, for the first time in years, I actually attended a number of talks. Yay! I also had to prepare my talk, so I didn’t really have time to blog about the event. After a month, what do I remember about it?

PRE-GUADEC (at home)

Busy. Busy. Busy. Instead of preparing my talk about quality translations (feel free to download the slides and read them, and send me any feedback), I designed the GUADEC badge and the GUADEC booklet.


  • Amsterdam is beautiful. It reminded me of Venice, with its many channels and its bohemian streets, but, rather than being a “museum piece” Amsterdam is a lively city, where cars are much less welcome than bikes.
  • Everybody speaks good English in the Netherlands, even old people.
  • Water is RIDICULOUSLY expensive in The Netherlands. As if there was a draught or something! I paid more for a bottle of water (1.5 L) than I did for a great recipe book which I have already used to prepare delicious Smoothies.
  • The Design Thinking workshop was very fun and interesting. People loved it!
  • Vincent FINALLY gave me the t-shirt he had promised three years ago. It’s fair to say that he was very nice and brought me two t-shirts instead of just one ^^
  • The 1st GNOME Women’s Dinner took place in The Hague. 14 women attended, wow!
  • There were many interesting talks, but it makes no sense to sum it all now because it was so long ago that I won’t remember them. So just visit planet gnome and read old posts; many people wrote about GUADEC 🙂
  • People who attended my talk said that it wasn’t too boring. Plus I got these cute and comfortable slippers for being a speaker, wohoo!
  • Gil and I got THE pants this year!!! :O For helping with the registration desk since GUADEC 2006, they say.  It was a huge surprise for both of us. Thank you very much, Board, we feel VERY honoured, really 🙂
  • Thank you to the organisers and the volunteers for their amazing work. This was one of the best GUADECs I’ve been to:)
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My GUADEC talk: Quality Translations in GNOME


Vau venir a la GUADEC? Us vau perdre la meva xerrada? Doncs mal fet, perquè va estar molt bé 😛

Vaig tenir l’oportunitat de fer una presentació sobre per què és important traduir el programari lliure a tants idiomes com sigui possible, però també oferir traduccions de qualitat. Si us vau perdre la xerrada (que, per cert, es va emetre en directe, com la resta de xerrades) i voleu saber de què anava, ara en podeu veure la presentació de diapositives 🙂

Did you come to GUADEC? Did you miss my talk? Too bad, it was a good one 😛

I had the chance of giving a talk about why it is important not only to translate open-source software into as many languages as possible, but also to provide high quality translations. If you missed the talk (which, by the way, was streamed live like all GUADEC talks) but want to get an idea of what it was about, here you are: the slides 🙂


Recycled GNOME travel notebook for GUADEC

Even though I started my holidays on Monday, I’ve been very busy this week. No, I haven’t prepared my GUADEC talk yet. I haven’t really had time, since I spent quite a lot of hours designing the GUADEC booklet (thanks for gathering all the info, Deborah!) and badge.

We’re flying to Amsterdam tomorrow, so we should start packaging our stuff… Among my stuff, there’s something very useful:

Recycled notebook for GUADEC

Tada! A multi-purpose recycled notebook. For those of us who don’t have a fancy iPhone, Nexus, Nokia, etc. this is great! I made one for a trip last year and I was so pleased with the result that I decided to make one this time as well. So I took a few reused items, put them together, a little glue here and there, and voila! 🙂 It even has a pocket inside, so I can conveniently and safely carry my ID card + transport card + some money in my pocket, and look up the timetables I have previously written in it. Yeah I know, I can’t sync it with Tomboy, but I can practice my handwriting, which I rarely do!

I used:

  • a cereal box (some organic muesli boxes have a very beautiful design, and yes, I admit that the first time I bought this brand was because I loved the packaging and knew it would serve another purpose)
  • a gnome sticker from GUADEC 2007
  • unused sheets of paper from an old notebook (for this notebook, I didn’t use sheets of paper written on one of the sides because I want it to be as compact as possible, so I want to be able to write on both sides of paper)
  • a little piece of Velcro
  • 1 staple

Instructions (more or less):

1. Use the cereal box to make the cover. If it is beautiful, you can use the outside. Otherwise, just use the inside, which is usually white, and, if you want, you can decorate it afterwards. My cover measures 10.5 x 13.5 cm (h x w). Fold it in half and there you go! You have a cover.

2. Now for the inside. Take a few reused sheets of paper (I recommend to use unused sheets of paper from an old notebook for this particular type of notebook) and cut them. They should be a little bit smaller than the cover (mine measure 10 x 12.5 cm). Then fold them in half.

3. Cut the pocket out of the cereal box too: 10.5 x 6 cm. For the bottom of the pocket, take a piece of paper, around 2 x 9 cm, and fold it in half. Then glue one of the halves to the inner cover and the other side to the pocket (in the picture below, the red cardboard).

4. For the sides of the pocket, take a small piece of paper, around 4 cm wide, and fold it in zig-zag (“accordion-like”) in 4 parts. Glue one of the parts to the top side of the inner cover and the other one -that would be part 1 and part 4-  to the top side of the pocket. Then do the same for the other side of the pocket.

5. Assemble the whole thing, staple it in the middle, decorate the cover as you like and you’re done!

6. If you don’t want it to open so easily, take a little piece of Velcro and glue one of the sides to the front cover. Cut a small rectangle out of a paper or (thin) cardboard rectangle, fold it in half (length-wise) and glue the other side of the Velcro to one of the halves. Then glue the other half to the back cover (Velcro inside!).

Done! Slip your credit card, money or anything else into the pocket, write your flight/bus timetables or other useful info and you’re ready to go!

I’m NOT ready to go, so I’d better start packaging my stuff… See you in a few days!

Recycled notebook for GUADEC

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GCDS – after hours


Okay, so the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit ended a week ago. I can’t thank enough the Travel Committee people for allowing me to attend the conference once more. It was great, as usual 🙂

  • I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to some people, sorry about that. See you guys next year 😉
  • Diego, thanks a lot for the chocolates!!! Yum!
  • Was I the only one who missed the GNOME Love/Hate Wall??? Next year I’ll make sure it’s back 😉
  • I enjoyed the GNOME-ES talks I attended.
  • We had dinner with the GNOME Hispano guys. It was fun.
  • I loved the lightning talks. And I also loved the “off-topic” lightning talks (that is, talks about anything not related to GNOME)!
  • One of the local guys, Manolo, was kind enough to guide Gil and me around the island. We discovered that Gran Canaria is beautiful 🙂

You’ll find some GCDS pictures in the Gallery.

GUADEC, see you next year!

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GCDS Day… ¿?

Ok, so I should better start blogging about GCDS, or the travel committee will not sponsor me next year, oops!

Well, so the GCDS started a few days ago. It’s been pretty interesting so far. The first two days were busy at the info desk; many more people than we expected showed up the first day, even though there were no talks at all -just the registration.

I went to Richard Stallman’s keynote; it was fascinating (both in a good and in a bad way). I also learned that Banshee will do photos; Aaron, the speaker, said that this will allow F-Spot to become more advanced and professional (“think Adobe Lightroom”, he said). Ehem, I personally doubt it.

Yesterday we went to a party sponsored by Igalia. The place was amazing – there were BIG beds were people could sit (or lay) down and chill out!

Vincent didn’t bring me the OpenSuse t-shirt he promised last year… Ok, the fact that I didn’t send him an e-mail to remind him about it didn’t help.

To be continued… 🙂